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Javafigtree is a free, open-sourced CMS and framework

It is suitable for modern browsers, degrades gracefully to IE8 and disgracefully below that.

If your target market is IE6 or IE7, you are better off looking elsewhere.

However, should your target market or interests be those who use modern browsers, you may benefit from looking at Javafigtree.

Javafigtree is written in PHP and uses MySQL as its database. It takes advantage of HTML5 tags, like section and article and utilizes CSS3.

It features two on-line HTML editors, a CSS editor and incorporates the means to manipulate CSS3 gradients and drop-shadows and inner-glows.

Technically, you can create a whole website using the on-line tools provided.

Developers are encouraged to contribute to the growth of Javafigtree. There is plenty of scope to take the framework in new directions. Javafigtree has a very simple layout. All sections are contained in their own folder and for the most part can work independently from the rest of the system.

It is also hope that different versions of the CMS section will be developed by third parties.

The ideal is this: If you don't like the 'tile system', redevelop it and then it can be distributed to other users who don't like it as well.

A near-future intention is to have a store front where users can either download for free or purchase applications or versions of Javafigtree.