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Download the latest version here

Beta 3.3 is released


  • Font creator added. Total revamp of the Font tool lite. It now uses Google fonts exclusively and allows line-height and letter-spacing to be controlled. It is more stable and faster. The best update yet.
  • Editable 404 page reworked.
  • Complete control over the CSS border property in the boxout section.
  • Redesign of the GUI section in many areas allowing greater control over the elements from within the CMS.
  • normalize.css has been added. Long overdue. The style sheet is normalized before use. Search for normalize.css to learn more.
  • File and code cleanup.
  • Bug fixes.

Docs will be added and updated soon.

Any issues found, please feel free to send them, using the form on the contact page

History - Seriously. Use the latest version, but if you must use a legacy version, here they are.

Beta 3.1 is released

  • CK Editor with Codemirror has replaced TinyMC as the alternate editor. The HTML editor has excellent support for HTML5 tags.This will not be developed any further.
  • Although the Theme sections still default to white (#ffffff) there is now a transparency option to allow background objects to show through.
  • Code clean-ups and a few small bug fixes.

Beta 3.0 is released

  • 404 page no longer writes to the Analize section. The queries have been remmed out, as some servers were reporting several 404 pages for every page visited. This file can be found in www/404 folder, should you wish to change it.
  • 404 page updated and htaccess file updated
  • Install file changed and bug in sitemap generator fixed

Beta 2.3 is released

  • Minor bug fix

Beta 2.2 is released

  • Minor bug fix in the link in the boxout section - thanks Jarl

Beta 2.1 is released

Quickfire release to follow up the last version:

  • Tables are optimized everytime the filecreator site is accessed. This will be under continual development.
  • The missing "html lang" is now added in the *NEW* Meta section at the bottom of the filecreator homepage. There are additional fields for global Meta data, should you require.
  • Remy Sharp's Shim is added back in .... it somehow disappeared in an earlier update
  • Google Analytics has now been spelled correctly (thanks Sean) and has been given it's own section, again at the bottom of filecreator homepage.
  • Some styling updates missing from the previous update have now been addressed
  • and of course, the obligatory 'Minor bug fixes'

Download Beta 2.0

Biggest change so far - the best version so far. Make sure you download this one and replace previous versions:

  • Rewrite and rearrange the Filecreator section, major steps to sort out caching issues once and for all
  • The tiles are colour-coded, for easier recognition through out the site
  • Update Analyze Lite module
  • New Slide module - slide show - - now your Javafigtree site can look the same as everyone else's site :-)
  • Improved work-flow methods
  • Minor bug fixes

Download Beta 1.5

  • Greensock V12 JS library added
  • lite accordion module added- a horizontal accordion from
  • Simple Gallery module added
  • Sorted out Chrome bug that meant that Gradients in the body didn't show correctly
  • Automatically consolidates and minifies ALL of the CSS style sheets. The files are still present in the WWW folder, but they are now consolidates to the complete.css file. The site now reads from this.
  • Incorporates elements to render the gradients in IE10 - experimental and not tested properly. Has no impact on other browsers. This will be adapted on the final release of IE10
  • Further reduction in caching issues in the Filecreator pages

Download Beta 1.4

  • Bug fix when creating new page -
  • Code rewrite - better support for IE8 and IE7 (although this is still considered deprecated)
  • New Mysqli error code added to all pages
  • Code tidy up
  • Further reduction in caching issues in the Filecreator pages

Download Beta 1.3

  • IE 10 issue sorted - but being monitored ~
  • Additional code added to stop caching in the Filecreator pages
  • Restyling on the Filemanager pages to cope with larger monitors

Download Beta 1.2

  • Simple gallery added
  • code change to images - width="xxpx" is now width="xx". It now validates - who would have guessed?
  • Name changes to some of the menu items
  • Sorted a minor bug with the link to the .humans.txt